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Understand and defend yourself when charged with a felony

Maybe you saw it coming and maybe you didn't. Being arrested on a felony charge is one of the most serious categories of criminal offenses one can be involved in and it isn't something the accused or their family should take lightly. Remember that just because one is accused of a felony crime does not automatically make them guilty of that crime. Each person will have their day in court, if they wish, to defend themselves and tell their side of the story.

Breathalyzer tests, your rights and refusing one

DUIs and DWIs have become so common that it seems like every third person has either experienced one themselves or knows someone well who has experienced one. DUIs and DWIs are not like the same charges of 20 years ago, there have been several changes in legislation in an attempt to crack-down on drunk driving behavior and to prevent it. However, people are human and mistakes can happen. So, how does a person deal with a breathalyzer test?

KS man's drug charges dismissed due to prosecutor misconduct

There are lots of ways to build an effective criminal defense. While telling your side of the story can always be valuable when facing criminal charges, the prosecution accusing a person of their drug crimes must follow due process and other regulations when collecting evidence in a criminal case. If the prosecution does not conduct their investigation according to law, it should be made known by the criminal defense.

Did confusion lead to your facing a resisting arrest charge?

When you find yourself in a confusing situation, you may not know the best way to react. This type of incident may be relatively minor, or it could be part of a bigger predicament. If you are involved in an event that results in police coming to the scene, you could feel panicked and wonder how the situation could affect you.

The financial side of a DUI

Being accused of a drunk driving offense is a very serious matter. Your reputation will take a huge hit not only with your friends and family, but professionally you could lose your job or lose out on employment opportunities. There are many other consequences to a drunk driving charge as well. You will lose your license, and the process to renew it in the wake of a DUI can be lengthy and difficult. In addition, the legal consequences for a DUI are immense -- ranging from ignition interlock and probation, to jail time.


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