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KS man's drug charges dismissed due to prosecutor misconduct

There are lots of ways to build an effective criminal defense. While telling your side of the story can always be valuable when facing criminal charges, the prosecution accusing a person of their drug crimes must follow due process and other regulations when collecting evidence in a criminal case. If the prosecution does not conduct their investigation according to law, it should be made known by the criminal defense.

In a recent case, a Kansas man that was accused of two drug crimes was intimidated by a Kansas prosecuting attorney. She was harshly reprimanded by U.S. District Court Judge Julie Robinson when she ordered the release of the accused on two drug charges. Intimidation by prosecution relinquishes a person's right to a fair trial, and thus the charges against the man were dropped. This is not the first time that this prosecution attorney has been accused of misconduct in a criminal investigation.

This case shows that a person's rights are not to be violated, even when they are accused of a drug crime. Everyone is entitled to due process and those accused of a crime are innocent until proven guilty. While this may not be a legitimate angle for every person accused of a drug crime, it is something to think about when building a credible criminal defense. This man will go free based on the prosecution's misconduct.

Trying to understand why a prosecution would blatantly disregard due process when they are such an important part of upholding the law is hard to understand. Citizens sometimes make mistakes and are charged with crimes. This doesn't give the prosecution the right to bend the laws to their preferences. These incidences are few and far between but it does happen on occasion.

Source:, "Judge dismisses Kansas drug case, citing misconduct of prosecutor; same attorney prosecuted Lamonte McIntyre's wrongful conviction," December 7, 2017

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