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The financial side of a DUI

Being accused of a drunk driving offense is a very serious matter. Your reputation will take a huge hit not only with your friends and family, but professionally you could lose your job or lose out on employment opportunities. There are many other consequences to a drunk driving charge as well. You will lose your license, and the process to renew it in the wake of a DUI can be lengthy and difficult. In addition, the legal consequences for a DUI are immense -- ranging from ignition interlock and probation, to jail time.

However, among all of these consequences, it is often the financial penalties associated with a DUI that harm the suspect the most.

Consider, for example, the immense financial cost associated with your vehicle following a DUI. It has to be towed and impounded. Both of those actions can cost hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. Then, your insurance rates will go through the roof. That can cost you thousands of dollars, if not tens of thousands of dollars, in added insurance premiums in the years that follow a DUI charge.

Then there are the financial charges associated with the legal processes of a DUI. Bail, court fees, sentencing, alcohol treatment, ignition interlock devices, probation supervision -- all of these things can wreak financial havoc on a person accused of a DUI.

To all of this, there is only one way forward: you have to discuss your case with an experienced attorney to ensure your case is being handled properly.

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