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Caught speeding? Think traffic diversion program

You were out and about, minding your own business. Then, you see them. The blue and red lights shining in your rearview. An officer pulls you over for speeding, something you didn't even realize you were doing. Doesn't matter, though, they clocked you well over the limit and now you are facing a hefty fine, increased insurance rates and points against your license. Is it possible to avoid any or all of these consequences?

Thankfully, the state does offer a traffic diversion program that can help you avoid these consequences. Who qualifies for this program? How does it work?

Qualifications for the program

There are three different types of traffic diversion programs: in court, mail-in and specialized. In order to qualify for the in-court traffic diversion program, your ticket cannot be the result of:

  • Running a red light
  • A construction zone violation
  • A school zone violation
  • A commercial vehicle violation
  • Speeding at or above 90 mph

Mail-in and specialized traffic diversion programs are stricter. You can find more information about these particular options by speaking to an experienced criminal defense attorney or by looking online.

How does it work?

After receiving a speeding ticket or any other qualifying traffic citation, if you want to enter the traffic diversion program, you have to sign a diversion agreement at the courthouse and supply the required documentation. The documentation needed will depend on the type of ticket you received. Along with supplying this information, you will simply need to pay the necessary fees to the DA and the court. Sounds easy enough, but some people may find it harder than it sounds.

What if the court denies my application?

Traffic diversion acceptance is not a guaranteed thing. This is where an attorney can help. Not only can legal counsel go over all the options available to you, but the court can provide assistance with fighting for traffic diversion acceptance if initially denied.

A speeding ticket is not necessarily a small thing. It can negatively affect your life in a number of ways. Sometimes, fighting to clear it from your record, either in court or through a diversion program, is the best thing. If you aren't sure if it is worth your time, you can seek guidance from an experienced attorney and go from there.

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