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Kansas House bill will impact repeat DUI offenders when finalized

The motivation and meaning behind laws is more than just telling people what to do. Many laws are passed with the hope of keeping people safe and ensure a good quality of life of every Olathe resident. However, sometimes people make mistakes and are accused of breaking the law. One bill in the Kansas House is prepped to pass into law and the outcome would affect repeat DUI offenders.

The driving force behind this bill was the tragic death of a young woman involved in a collision with a person who was declared a repeat DUI offender. Most DUIs do not result in such tragedy, but the possibility is enough to evoke a reaction to create legislation in hopes of preventing such things from happening. If/when finalized, the bill would apply in a scenario where one who is believed responsible for a crash and had been previously convicted of a DUI or was driving under a suspended or revoked license. Under the bill, the minimum sentence for aggravated battery related to a DUI accidents, in which one was convicted, would increase from 38 months to 47 months. If a fatality results from such an accident, the minimum sentencing was advanced as well.

Essentially, these laws are meant to work as deterrents against drunk driving and driving under the influence. It's good to be aware of the state laws that could impact yourself or a loved one who was accused of DUI or involved in a crash in which impairment is suspected or alleged. A person could have a DUI conviction from many years ago and it could make a huge impact on said proceeding, especially with the landscape of the current bill. The bill will likely be finalized into law soon, based on Kansas House vote.

No-one wants to hurt or kill anyone. Sometimes, it's a matter of making a mistake. However, laws are getting stricter about the mistakes people may make. If you or a loved one is accused of repeat DUI or a car accident in which someone was injured and intoxication is alleged, know what you are up against with current state law.

Source:, "Kansas House endorses longer minimum sentence for repeat DUI offenders," Tim Carpenter, January 27, 2018

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