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Olathe restaurant owner handed counterfeit bills

At some time or another, we have joked about handing a person Monopoly money or joked about how the money you're handed someone was just printed. While many may just joke about these things, the reality is that some people have received counterfeit bills as a form of payment. Generally, the recipients of a counterfeit bill are under the impression that it is real. Only after trying to make a bank deposit, or upon closer inspection of the bill, does the person realize they have been handed a counterfeit bill.

Because they aren't real - counterfeit bills have no value. With the advances in technology, it can be fairly easy and an achievable feat to print a somewhat-passable counterfeit bill. While it may be easy, paying for a good or service with a counterfeit bill is still a theft-related crime punishable in a court of law. An Olathe restaurant owner discovered this first hand when his till was found to be in the possession of counterfeit bills after business transactions.

The restaurant owner operates a fried chicken restaurant in Olathe and other restaurant owners in the area have reported receiving the counterfeit bills as well. The restaurant was handed counterfeit bills in two separate instances. There were obvious signs of counterfeit upon inspection including the background being for a 5 dollar bill and the gold '50' in the corner being drawn on. Because the Federal Reserve is in charge of producing money, counterfeiting is a federal crime and a felony.

While counterfeiting money may be somewhat of a humorous matter, the real-life charges associated with it aren't. Some do not realize how serious a charge related to counterfeiting can be. Fraud, theft and other crimes can be associated with counterfeiting activities. If you or a loved one is being accused of a felony related to counterfeiting, it's important to understand the charges against a person before proceeding.

Source:, "Can you spot the problems with this doctored bill used at an Olathe restaurant?," Max Londberg, Feb. 6, 2018

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