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Felony conviction can have big impact on the rest of your life

The phrase 'convicted felon' can feel like a heavy weight upon a person's shoulders. Beyond being convicted of a felony crime, and the consequences associated with that, it can have ripple effects far beyond the sanctions imposed on a person in the criminal justice system. Convicted felons are often stuck with this phrase forever and it can impact a person far longer than initially thought. Avoid a felony conviction and the impact associated with being a convicted felon.

This thought really only pertains to those who have been accused, charged or indicted with a felony crime. Punishments for those convicted of felony crimes are characterized by one year or more in jail. Felony crimes are considered the most serious crimes and often allege a person of violent or other serious behaviors. Felonies and how they are viewed and reprimanded are determined by both state and federal law, depending on the charges.

If facing charges associated with a felony crime, it is important to understand the severity of the charge you are facing. There are many possible criminal defenses one may employ to defend themselves against these felony charges. Every person accused of a felony crime is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Beyond the criminal justice system, convicted felons are often stripped of their right to vote, live in certain areas, own or possess a firearm and other personal liberties allowed to non-felon civilians.

Many convicted felons describe life after jail or felony conviction to be vastly different than the life prior to felony conviction. Many find it difficult to find or maintain work after being convicted of a felony. It can also mean harsher punishments in the future if every accused or convicted of another crime. In short, avoid felonies and felony conviction as its consequences tend to be severe and long-reaching.

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