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Reduced charges could be viable defense

If you have ever watched a cop show on television, you may have heard the term reduced charges. While this is a good term to hear next to the word charges, what exactly does it mean? Reduced charges mean that an initial crime, say a drug charge, was lessened in comparison to the original charge. Receiving a reduced charge can be the goal of a good criminal defense.

Just like any type of criminal charges, drug crimes have a range of severity from felony to misdemeanor and everything in between. How a drug accusation can impact one person could vary greatly from the impact it could have on another person. This is true even when people are accused of the same crime. A past conviction, for example, could have a huge impact on the outcome of the current charges, if the defendant is convicted of that crime.

The goal of a criminal defense may be to reduce the charges the prosecution is bringing against the accused. Reduced charges can bring lesser penalties and a lesser impact on the personal and professional life of the accused. Thus, this is a legitimate criminal defense strategy for many accused of a drug crime.

At Billam & Henderson, we know that every criminal defense should be tailored to a person's individual situation. That's why reducing charges may be a legitimate goal of a great criminal defense. While total acquittal is always the ultimate solution when faced with drug charges, sometimes one has to be realistic with their situation and what their best-case scenario can be. Reduced charges are often the best-case scenario for those facing drug charges.

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