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Felony charges, arrest made related to Overland Park shooting

An Overland Park neighborhood was the scene of an alleged assault last month. While gun use certainly isn't unheard of, both in this area and around the country, it was surprising as to who has been accused of a crime in connection with the incident. A Johnson county judge's son was the one picked up and arrested after one victim has been named in critical condition after the incident. This charge comes after 2014 and 2017 accusations related to drug and drunk driving crimes.

Bond has been set high in this case, at $250,000 for the young man from Overland Park. Because the man's father is a judge in the county, a judge from an outside county will be presiding over the case, should it make it to court. It is common practice to utilize a judge from outside a judicial district in litigation involving a district judge or his/her family. According to police records, the shooting took place on the same block where Judge Vano lives.

The judge's son has officially been charged with aggravated battery and aggravated assault, which are serious charges - felonies to be exact. Felony charges can turn into felony convictions which have a minimum of one-year jail sentences along with other potential punishments. Prior, the man has had run ins with the law in terms of drug use and drunken driving. These charges are much more serious in terms of the potential consequences the young man could face if convicted.

The man has yet to post bond and is likely working on building a criminal defense. The fact that his father is a judge is just an interesting fact in this case. It will neither work for him, nor against him, when it comes to the prosecutions' attempt at proving this man's guilt. He will be tried in the same manner any other person accused of a crime in Johnson county would be.

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