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What are the potential penalties for driving without a license?

For most people, instances of driving without a license aren't going to affect your everyday life. However, for those who never took the license test or whose license was suspended or revoked, this could become an issue if they are caught driving without a valid license. There are sometimes instances in which a person is pulled over and accused of driving without their actual license -- for example, forgetting it at home. This is different than driving with a revoked or suspended license.

For those who forgot their license somewhere, it is fairly easy to get that accusation taken care of. Failure to present this evidence typically leads to fines or other penalties associated with misdemeanor charges. It may only be paperwork, but it's important to get it taken care of to avoid unnecessary issues.

When a person is accused of driving with a suspended or revoked license, however, the charge is more serious. If convicted, this charge could potentially bring jail time, a longer license suspension and even additional fines.

There may have been a traffic infraction or something more serious that called for a person's license to be suspended or revoked in the first place. This could compound issues, especially if a person is facing existing charges that have not yet been resolved. DUI convictions and other intoxicated driving behaviors often result in a license revocation or suspension, if convicted. If you are facing license suspension, you may wish to contact an attorney to help combat the charges.

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