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Strong representation needed when engaging in plea-bargaining

It can be nothing short of frightening for Texans to face criminal charges. Regardless of the alleged crime, an accused individual can find him or herself afraid for their future and for good reason. A criminal conviction can result in the imposition of significant penalties that can reshape an individual's life. Prison can strip years of freedom away, fines can ruin an individual's financial well-being and a mar on one's criminal record can permanently damage his or her reputation. This is why mounting the strongest criminal defense is imperative.

While this may mean taking a case to trial to try to obtain an acquittal, this is not always a realistic option. In some cases, the prosecution's evidence is simply too strong to overcome. However, this does not mean that an accused individual is without criminal defense options. As we discussed previously on the blog, plea-bargaining is a very real option that can have a positive outcome on one's situation. But, exactly how beneficial a plea bargain turns out to be can depend a lot upon the legal representation an individual has at his or her disposal.

There are many reasons for this. A strong criminal defense team, like the one found at our firm, will fully understand the law and how it applies to the facts at hand. Armed with such an understanding, holes can be poked in the prosecution's case, which oftentimes leaves the state feeling vulnerable and more willing to deal. A strong criminal defense attorney can also think creatively in how to settle a case without the need for trial, whether that means pleading guilty to lesser charges or accepting less severe penalties.

Negotiating a plea deal is no small feat, and the process should not be taken lightly. Those who choose to forego this process may unnecessarily put themselves at risk of being convicted on the most serious charges with the imposition of the harshest penalties possible under the law. This is why our firm diligently assesses each case it handles and develops a customized criminal defense approach. Whether our clients decide to pursue a plea bargain or take a case to trial, we work hard on their behalves in hopes of obtaining the best results possible under the circumstances at hand. Those who want to learn more about our firm, what we have to offer and our record of success can continue to browse our website.

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